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Anticipating the 6th Cycle: Solicitation Update Meeting with UAEREP

This June, we'll be hosting our next solicitation update meeting with leading scientists, experts, and stakeholders to discuss key themes for the upcoming 6th Grant Cycle. Each cycle, UAEREP requests innovative research and technology proposals that advance the field of rain enhancement, particularly in arid regions. To date, the program has funded fourteen awards, which have advanced, and continue to advance, the science and technologies that underpin cloud-seeding operations in the UAE and have contributed to the global knowledge base on rain enhancement.

As is standard for the UAEREP grant cycles, these project proposals should endeavor to advance the program by generating new knowledge and technologies that will have a significant impact on the field of rain enhancement. While investigations aimed at fundamental understanding of cloud formation and rain enhancement are encouraged, a clear direction toward operational impact will be essential. 

Additionally, articulation of technology readiness level (TRL) progression for technologies,
models, and other relevant deliverables will be a critical factor in the evaluation of proposals. As always, involvement of the UAE research community in proposed activities is strongly encouraged.

This workshop will solidify each of these criteria, as well as set the stage for the upcoming proposals by determining on which high priority areas UAEREP will focus during this cycle. During the fifth cycle, UAEREP chose to highlight cloud formation and rain enhancement as the key areas of study. We are looking forward to what the 6th Cycle will bring, and what new ideas will be brought to the table. UAEREP is certain this solicitation update workshop act as yet another successful catalyst to inviting an impressive and innovative cycle of submissions.