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Join the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP) reviewers’ team

Reviewers are Essential – UAEREP needs YOU to help us succeed:

The success of the UAEREP peer review process, which enables the program to make wise investments in the field of rain enhancement, depends on the willingness of qualified reviewers like you to share your time and expertise. Your experience and up-to-date knowledge enables you to provide helpful advice to the Program officers on the merits of proposals and constructive comments to proposers that strengthen their projects. In making its decisions on proposals, the counsel of these merit reviewers has proven to be invaluable to the Program in the identification of meritorious projects. The Program also may ask reviewers to serve on panels, for which travel expenses and remuneration will be provided.
In the implementation of peer review, the Program tries to limit the number of requests made to any single individual, recognizing the many demands our reviewers have on their time. Therefore, the Program strives to increase both the size and diversity of the pool of reviewers to ensure that the merit review process benefits by receiving broad input from a variety of different perspectives. You can help by volunteering to review proposals in your area of expertise.

Benefits to You as a Reviewer within a Global Research Program:

In addition to providing a great service to Rain Enhancement Science and water security research, reviewers benefit from reviewing and serving on panels in a global program. For example, reviewers gain first-hand knowledge of the peer review process; learn about common problems with proposals; discover strategies to write strong proposals; and, through serving on a panel, meet colleagues and Program officers.

How to Become a Reviewer:

To become a reviewer for the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, download and provide your details in the Reviewer Form (here) then send it by email along with a 2-page CV that includes current contact information to Program officer Latifa A. Yousef at Please indicate in the email that you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer. We also encourage you to share this request with other colleagues who might be interested in serving as reviewers for the Program. Qualified reviewers from the academic, industrial and government sectors are welcome.
Although submission of demographic information by reviewers is voluntary[1] – and there are no adverse consequences if it is not provided – reviewers are strongly encouraged to provide this information to the Program. These data are used in the design, implementation, and monitoring of the Program efforts to increase the participation of various groups in the rain enhancement science field.


[1]The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science will not give this information to anyone outside of the Program, unless legally required, or specifically authorized by law.