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UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science’s 2nd International Rain Enhancement Forum was a three-day event that brought together international experts to discuss how to further cooperate to find innovative technology for global water security.

Attracting the world’s leading researchers and scientists, the Forum built on its reputation as one of the leading events for international collaboration in the field of rain enhancement science. The event drew a distinguished range of speakers and attendees to discuss new methods and ultimately find cost-viable technology that will safeguard and enhance the world’s water supplies.

In terms of the practical operation of UAEREP, the Forum helped to build on the existing structures for awardee cooperation by establishing a standing working group to ensure continued mutual support and sharing of research progress. This system for ensuring effective coordination was key to maximizing the potential of all the awardee projects in such a way as to best serve UAEREP’s mission and objectives.

The second edition of the International Rain Enhancement Forum also offered participants the opportunity to learn about the innovative projects being implemented around the world to tackle water stress, with an additional focus on best practices in the field of water management and methods to better conserve water for those in need across the world.