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Your logging in and using the Portal of National Center of Meteorology & Seismology, which is referred later to as a (NCMS), is subjected to the terms and conditions that are described in this agreement, in addition to the laws of the United Arab Emirates. The browsing of this portal from your side , or the logging into it is assumed to be an approval and acceptance of the terms and conditions which are contained in this agreement without any restrictions or conditions.

The terms of use amendment:

NCMS is authorized to modify of this agreement, when needed, and the browsing of the portal or using the portal from your side after the amendment is considered as an acceptance and approval of the new amendments, where you have to visit the agreement page whenever you visit the portal in order to make sure of the terms and condition which should be followed while suing the portal.

Portal use:

By accessing the portal, you have agreed not to do the following:

  1. Not use the portal for illegal purposes.

  2. Not to publish any content that is unlawful or contrary to public morality.

  3. Using the portal in order to impersonate another party.

  4. Misusing of the portal or its content and damaging its infrastructure.

  5. . Undertaking any action that would harm the portal or its functions , disable accessing it or destroying it, or downloading any materials contain harmful viruses or any similar programs.

  6. Using or downloading information, you are not authorized to use because of the law or a contractual relationship or others.

  7. Changing the content of the portal or disabling it using any way.

  8. Causing disruption or malfunction for the normal used way of connection using any way.

  9. Representing any entity or company or an entity which you are not authorized to represent or claim a relationship with it.

  10. Using the portal in any way to promote a product or a destination or even displaying an advertising or promotional material.

  11. Exploiting the portal for the dissemination of any material that is conflicted with the intellectual property rights of others, or collecting, storing and using the personal information of others illegally.

  12. Using the published Information on the NCMS portal for any commercial purposes.

In case NCMS knew that you have breached these conditions or showed improper behavior while using the portal, then NCMS is authorized to take any necessary action include the following:

  1. Take an action (including deleting your profile, suspending or restricting it) to prevent you from using the portal.

  2. Your behaviors can be sent to any internet provided or any relevant authorities.

  3. Take the legal and judicial procedures against you.

Website users will hold harmless and indemnify the NCMS from and against damages based in use of the portal or the Published Information.


Certain portions of the Site are limited to registered users and/or allow a user to request support or services online by entering personal information. You agree that any information provided to us in these areas will be complete and accurate, that you will not register under the name of, nor attempt to enter the Site under the name of, another person, and that you will not adopt a user name that NCMS, in its sole discretion, deems offensive.


Choice of Law and Jurisdiction:

Using this portal and the terms and conditions which are contained herein are both aligned with United Arab Emirates laws, therefore; you agree to be subjected to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, NCMS reserves the right to sued you in front the courts of your country.


Using the credit card:

We are accepting the credit cards which are issued by Visa or MasterCard for electronic payment, (if this service available), and the fees will be deducted from the amount owed to your credit card as soon as you press the button for confirmation. We will do our best to maintain confidentiality when you pay the fees, including the protection of your credit card details and other personal data where this data will be transferred to the secret codes when it moves over the Internet.



  • This expressly for you that you have known and agreed that your usage of the portal and any materials which are available in it is your sole risk. In addition, NCMS does not guarantee the portal will be uninterrupted or it is free of problems or acts of omission or errors, moreover; as it does not offer you any guarantee about the results that can be obtained from the portal usage. We offer you this portal with its contents and functions within the limits which are permitted by law and without any warranties of any kind either express or implied.

  • The contents and the Published Information in the portal may be amended or deleted by NCMS without notice.

  • The Services in the portal have been provided for the purpose of enabling the customers to request and easy services under his responsibility and as soon as logging into the portal, NCMS does not guarantee misusing of your personal account or impersonate your character by others or using your credit card as long as the username and the password has been entered correctly and the requirements have been fulfilled. The user take the responsibility to keep access of his information and personal access and other banking information from exploitation or the electronic piracy, and using this information by the delegates or agents, or any person who allows the user to represent him in generally or specially.

  • The user must inform the NCMS in case the loss of logging information or if the user has showed his personal information or the details of his credit card to a third party in order to be stop the account. In case the user did not inform NCMS about this, the services will remain provided to the account .

  • If the user received a notification for a service through his account without his approval, then he should to inform NCMS about that process in order to stop receiving the request and suspend the account until the personal identification to the NCMS is done. From sending the notification until getting the service, if NCMS did not receive any objection or an inquiry from the user, this will be dealt as an approval by the user for using his account with taking the responsibility of all the implications.


The NCMS may include hyperlinks to third-party websites on the NCMS portal. The NCMS is not responsible for the content or reliability of these third-party websites and does not endorse the website linked to, (or any services referred to in that website), and does not imply that there is an association between the NCMS and the operators of that website.