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The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science’s First International Research Progress Workshop, which took place during ADSW on 18-19 January 2017, was an innovative event that gathered together leading researchers in cloud and weather-related science to discuss the latest work in the field. By providing a nucleus for what later became the International Rain Enhancement Forum, the workshop serving the important aim of enhancing coordination between awardees and providing a platform for discussion on the progress of their projects and identifying challenges and opportunities that arose.

By showcasing updates on the research projects awarded during the First Cycle of the Program and providing a platform for both the First and Second Cycle awardees, along with the NCM research team and other leading scientists, to discuss innovative technologies to tackle water security challenges.

The main topics discussed during the Workshop were:

  • Nanotechnology to develop Novel Cloud Seeding Materials for Rain Enhancement
  • Advanced Approach towards Scientific Rain Enhancement Research in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions
  • Convection Initiation: The Missing Link to a Better Understanding of Clouds and Precipitation in Desert Regions.

The Forum also featured panel discussions dealing with the Program’s overall objectives going forward. The event helped establish an effective system of collaboration between the 1st cycle awardees, the UAEREP Secretariat and the NCM’s researchers. Another achievement of the Forum was the identification of suitable areas of research for subsequent cycles.

Overall, the inaugural Forum was a notable success in addressing water security concerns and strengthening the UAE’s reputation as a global hub of knowledge and excellence in the field.