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UAEREP at EGU, April 2019

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 01 April 2019 – A UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science roadshow is set to visit Vienna to participate at 2019 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), a leading scientific gathering taking place in the city on 7–12 April 2019.

Reflecting the Program’s international status as a leading global scientific initiative, the UAE team will share their advances in rain enhancement science and technology with some of the world’s leading experts working across the broad spectrum of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences.

Dr Abdulla Al Mandous, the Director of NCM, said: “Through our engagement at this year’s EGU in Vienna with leading experts working across a broad range of geoscientific fields, the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science is helping to raise awareness of the threat of water stress and the potential of new innovations to aid arid regions at risk. By supporting events such as the EGU, the Program continues to make a decisive strategic impact in both building knowledge capacities and networks and fulfilling the UAE’s quest for new science and technology to secure water resources.”

In addition to the roadshow, the EGU will feature a strong contribution from Program awardees through a session entitled “The Nexus between Weather Modification and Limited-Area Geoengineering”, which will be chaired by Professor Hannele Korhonen, a Program Second Cycle Awardee, and co-chaired by Professor Volker Wulfmeyer and Dr Lulin Xue, who are First and Third Cycle Awardees respectively. The session will cover the innovations currently being developed by all the Program’s awardees along with research advances made by other international scientists.

Alya Al Mazroui, Director of the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to visit the EGU at Vienna and share our ideas and achievements with some of the most distinguished scientific experts working on rain enhancement and related fields. The Program team attending the event is also reaching out to scientists and researchers at EGU to explore further opportunities for substantive international cooperation and develop enduring links with interested stakeholders and the scientific community.”

As an internationally recognized gathering of leading experts in the field, the EGU expects to convene over 11,800 global scientists to cover topics including volcanology, planetary exploration, Earth structure and atmosphere, climatic phenomena, energy and resources through individual presentations along with hundreds of specialized scientific sessions, side events and short courses.

Launched by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the UAE and managed by the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science’s active international engagement has already strengthened the UAE’s leading position in the global quest to address water security challenges through innovative scientific and technical research.

Since its inception, the Program has built a global network with more than 1200 researchers from over 500 prestigious global institutions including the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the European Space Agency (ESA), and NASA. In addition, the Program has also built enduring links with institutions in countries ranging from the United States to the UK, Germany and Russia in Europe, and to Thailand, China and Japan in East and South East Asia.