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Linda Zou’s Latest Progress Across Research Initiatives

Dr Linda Zou, one of UAEREP’s 1st Cycle Awardees, has been making significant progress in her research into applying nanotechnology and membrane science to the development of low energy and high efficiency desalination and water purification solutions.

After having published her previous findings in more than 100 journal articles and conference presentations, Dr Zou continues to excel in her search for more discoveries in the field of rain enhancement.

Dr Zou recently released a publication entitled “Precipitation enhancement by cloud seeding using the shell structured TiO2/NaCl aerosol as revealed by new model for cloud seeding experiments”, in which she focuses on implementing cloud seeding with appropriate artificially produced aerosols and the development of numerical modeling of new seeding effects on clouds and precipitation. For more details, please visit the link:

In addition, Dr Zou has been working closely with one of our 3rd Cycle Awardees, Dr Ali Abshaev, in synthesizing a type of core/shell (CSNT) particle, which effectively absorbed more water vapor than pure Sodium Chloride particles. This significant performance has proven that CSNT particles show great potential for crystallizing the formation of larger water droplets, thus suggesting a promising method for enhancing rainfall. For more details, please visit the link:

Last year, Dr Zou and her research associates published a research finding, entitled “Simulation of a severe convective storm using a numerical model with explicitly incorporated aerosols”, which enabled the investigation of the effects of explicit versus implicit inclusion of aerosols. Based on thorough observation of cloud dynamics and microphysics, Dr Zou outlined the continuous need for further strategic evaluations of innovative cloud seeding materials. For more details, please visit the link:

Throughout all her impressive record of scientific research and project implementation, Dr Zou continues to demonstrate innovative research leading to ground-breaking progress, thereby helping to improve the effectiveness of technology to increase and predict rain formation and precipitation.