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German Embassy visit, May 2019

The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science has met with representatives of the German Embassy at the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) to explain the important work carried out by the Program and discuss ways of deepening collaboration with German academic institutions.

Mr Johnny Kramer, Head of the Embassy’s Press and Energy Division, and Ms Michaela Kampmann, an Economic Adviser at the Embassy, received a presentation from Mrs Alya Al Mazroui, Director of the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, that highlighted the program’s objectives and achievements to date and its plans to undertake a host of innovative projects in the future.  Mrs Al Mazroui also outlined the Program’s importance to the UAE in terms of tackling water scarcity challenges and developing viable rain enhancement solutions that could help alleviate water stress in arid regions.

The meeting went on to investigate the ways in which the Program could expand its scientific and technical collaboration with universities, institutes and research centers in Germany.

There was also a discussion on the research projects of Dr Professor Volker Wulfmeyer, Managing Director and Chair of Physics and Meteorology at the Institute of Physics and Meteorology of the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart and an awardee of the Program’s First Cycle. Professor Wulfmeyer has been examining the optimization of cloud seeding by advancing remote sensing and land cover modification, with a focus on improving detection and forecasting of convergence zones as a key aid to precipitation enhancement and cloud seeding guidance. As the Chair of the UAEREP Awardee team, Professor Wulfmeyer has also been coordinating scientific exchanges among all UAEREP’s awardees to draw together the most innovative and beneficial scientific breakthroughs from their projects.