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Professor Masataka Murakami continues to investigate in aerosol-cloud interactions

Professor Masataka Murakami, a First Cycle Awardee of UAEREP, is continuing to build on his extensive research on aerosol-cloud interactions in the UAE through new publications.

A recent publication by Professor Murakami, entitled “Cloud Condensation Nuclei and Immersion Freezing Abilities of Al2O3 and Fe2O3 Particles Measured with the Meteorological Research Institute’s Cloud Simulation Chamber”, involves a comparative study of how aluminum oxide and iron oxide play a role in could-aerosol interactions, given that both substances are found in both industrial emissions as well as the natural environment. The study was based on experiments using a cloud simulation chamber at the Meteorological Research Institute in Japan. The results suggested that the properties of both aluminum oxide and iron oxide are comparable with mineral dust particles and have the potential to act as effective ice nucleating particles.

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In a further publication entitled “Optimization of Land Surface Parameters for Weather Simulations over Arid and Semi-Arid Regions”, Professor Murakami suggests that a cloud resolving storm simulator model (CRESS) running over the UAE within its default parameters underestimates the difference in land-surface temperature during the daytime. This has important implications for our knowledge of the formation of the summertime clouds in the UAE, which are the primary target of local cloud seeding operations. The study focuses on improving the CRESS model parameter settings through significantly decreasing model output to actual satellite data to permit more accurate simulations of cloud formation and precipitation patterns over the UAE.

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Through his pioneering combination of laboratory work, numerical modelling and simulation based on field research and airborne measurement, Professor Murakami is continuing to enhance understanding of weather and rainfall characteristics in the UAE with the aim of encouraging active knowledge sharing and transfer to drive much-needed innovation in the field.